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The cream of the crop in effective, socially responsible and chemical-free personal care, La Bella Figura is fast gaining global recognition. And for good reason, LBF do it right every step of the way. All products are hand crafted and contain the world's most therapeutic natural materials – plant actives that are raw, live and work wonders to reveal radiant skin. Ingredients come from small, often family run farms and cooperatives and are non-GMO, wild-crafted and certified organic. 

LBF products are amongst the most coveted key players in our medicine cabinet because they successfully prevent, protect and repair. Trust us when we say the reviews are right on: these products work wonders, making dark circles disappear, reducing wrinkles and softening skin. 



The brand is the brainchild of forward-thinking friends Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King, who share a passion for all things natural beauty (especially of the Mediterranean variety - think salty sea air and lemon groves). LBF was born shortly after they realized how frustrated they were at the lack of effective organic, nontoxic products available in North America, and resolved to do something about it.  

“La Bella Figura” is an Italian philosophy that beauty can (and should) be found in the everyday – from an attractive woman in a cafe to something less obvious, like a perfectly crafted espresso. By harnessing the power of plants and nature and using them to create unsurpassed skin and hair saving formulations, they help us do just that – identify and enjoy a beauty we otherwise wouldn’t have.


Here’s a closer look at three of their star products: 


1) Modern Radiance Concentrate

We all know that Vitamin C does the body good. But what’s news is that many cosmetics companies that tout using the ingredient are in fact using an isolated compound of the whole vitamin; which can be inferior and incomplete.

LBF’s Modern Radiance Concentrate stands out because it uses wild harvested Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract, the world’s richest source of complete vitamin C (to put it in perspective, oranges contain 53mg while kakadu plums contain a whopping 3000mg). This “real deal” product goes hand in hand with real benefits:  the reversal of oxidative damage, strengthened tissue, increased collagen production, minimized fine lines, a brightened appearance and increased overall skin health.




2) Barbary Fig Seed Oil

LBF’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil, sourced all the way from Tunisia, is a real winner. Exceptionally high in Vitamin E (even more than argan oil), linoleic acid and betalains, it’s light and gentle enough for most skin types and contains nourishing properties that protect against free radicals, stimulate new cell growth and calm inflammation. We also love how versatile it is: great for hands, nails, cuticles and hair and especially effective for rosacea and problem skin.





3) Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum


This serum is a serious rockstar that will leave you looking better rested than ever before. It has been described, on more than one occasion, as the Holy Grail of under eye treatments. The magical mix of barbary fig seed oil, rosehip seed oil (known for its rare natural plant-derived vitamin A content, which functions as a retinol), argan, coffee bean and tomato seed hydrates from deep down and makes puffiness, fine lines and dark circles practically disappear overnight.



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