Jump start your skin into spring. Tips for beautiful, glowing skin.

Winter can be brutal on skin! One of the biggest complaints I hear this time of year is that people lose their glow the way Stella lost her groove. Their skin feels tight, tired-looking and downright dehydrated. 


I used to have the same issues. But after doing research and implementing my newfound knowledge, my skin’s luminosity began to come back to me (even when winter was at its most brutal). Try these tips and please let me know if you notice a significant change, as I did.


1) Drink loads of water throughout the day (six to eight glasses, whenever possible). This will help rid your body of unwanted toxins and hydrated your dry, thirsty skin. I often amp up the fun factor by adding lemon, cucumber, mint or fruit (I enjoy the subtle aftertaste and the lovely pop of colour it adds to my glass or bkr water bottle).

2) Toners are a girl’s best friend. They’re wonderful for setting makeup, helping keep bacteria at bay and infusing skin with moisture midway through the day (when you’re most in need of a boost). I keep a few toners in the fridge, which I spritz on my face throughout the day and right before I run out the door.  This routine really wakes my skin up and makes me look like I just came back from a 20 minute run – all healthy and luminous.

3) Work on your digestive health. Drink water and lemon first thing in the morning, take probiotics and try to go easy on gluten, red meat and dairy. Listen to your body and act accordingly. My skin improved tenfold once my belly became happier.

4) Keep up with the cardio. Sweating opens up the arteries and allows more blood (which contains restorative nutrients and increases collagen production, which prevents wrinkles) to reach the skin’s surface. It also feels great, leaving you in a super mood and looking rosier and more radiant.

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