Hot Tips for surviving our Coldest Season

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As we all know, Canadian winters can feel oppressive: long, dark, and v. cold.  It’s understandably difficult to stay positive throughout these winter months; especially after the holidays have passed and “the grind” has resumed, but in subzero temps. What follows are a few simple tips on how to stay feeling bright, healthy and warm throughout this final and most difficult stretch of winter. We can do it, my hearties! Spring is just around the corner! 

1. Pamper yourself

It’s important to acknowledge that this is indeed a difficult time of year, and to treat yourself accordingly. I’m always a big advocate for self-care, but never as much as when external stresses or anxiety triggers (such as cold weather, increased darkness) are high. Pampering yourself can be as decadent as investing in a trip to Body Blitz, or having a gorgeous High Tea with some besties; or a simple as pairing Clementine Field’s mouthwatering Wei of Chocolates dark chocolates with some luxurious and oh-so-necessary Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanner (both of which can be delivered right to your door!)  Trust me: you’ll thank yourself. 

2. Sunny D!

It is no secret that Vitamin D levels become especially depleted in the winter, as daylight hours decrease, as does our amount of time spent outdoors. According to my herbalist, a day in the sun contains over 10k IUs of Vitamin D, so if you’re not getting out and about as much in the colder weather, you could be a few thousand IUs deficient!  But never fear! Supplements are a great way to ensure that you get the amount you need. Your local drugstore and pharmacist/ naturopath will have more information.

3. Get out!
When it is warm inside and minus a million outside, it seems like an obvious Great Idea to avoid that frigid air entirely. But if you’re anything like me, this form of indoor hermiting can be a slippery slope from comforting to cabin-fevery. Turns out our moms were right: we do need fresh air to thrive! And there are a number of simple ways to get some, that don’t necessitate a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op.  For example, avoid the underground PATH, and step outside on your walk to work. On your days off, pick a cosy destination, bundle up, and make the trek on-foot.  My favourite winter-walk routes usually end with a Mayan Hot Chocolate from SOMA, or in one of the many indoor-outdoor year-round farmers markets. The latter is also a great way to reflect on the bounty and beauty of the earth, when those feelings of resentment towards Mother Nature start to creep in.  In addition: make winter where the party is at: lace up your skates and swing by a DJ Skate Night at the Harbourfront Centre, and you’re sure to shake off those winter blues in no time.

Stay warm and have fun, my brrrrrave Canadian compatriots! We can weather this weather, together! 

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