Father's Day Gifts for Great Guys

He held your hand and taught you to look both ways before crossing the street, he balanced the back of your bike and let go when he knew you could ride away on your own. He told you to be strong, and he showed you what that meant. 

Great dads are the reason we are who we are, and we love them for who they are – faults and all. So for the fathers of kids big and small, here's a list of man-pampering natural goods to keep him feeling fresh, clean, and what he wants most – loved.


Ursa Major Willoughby Cologne
Classic as the day is long, cologne for Dad on Father's Day will still score you some bonus points. Especially when it's an all-natural blend of citrus, spice, and wood freshened with a hint of mint. They like to smell good and we like when they smell good. Win-win.


Graydon All Over Soap & Shampoo
Dads have a special appreciation for the simple things. One product to replace three? We're pretty sure they'll appreciate the economics of lathering up for face, body, and hair only once. It helps that it's powerful to wash away sweat and grime, but gentle enough to keep natural oils intact. 


Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream
An old school shaving cream warmed and applied by hand is just what Pops needs to soften whiskers, nourish skin, and protect against razor burn. Bye-bye ticklish kisses, hello smooth cheeks!


John Masters Organics Eucalyptus & Agave 2-in-1 Moisturizer & Aftershave
Another two-in-one product to shorten his morning shower. Oat Beta Glucan soothes and smoothes and locks in moisture to increase his youthful look by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Not that we mind those charming lines.


Rahua Cream Wax
We have an inkling that men might be a little obsessed shall we say, about their hair? What gave us that idea? Treat him to a luxe wax perfect for that control, manageability and hold he's always looking for. 100% natural wax washes out with ease, and eases the thought that the other not-so-natural products he uses are what's making his hairline higher. So, pretty much the best gift ever.



Remember, at Clementine Fields we gift wrap too! Write him a special note and we'll wrap it with care. Just make sure to check the 'Gift Wrap' icon during checkout. And remember to order soon – Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th!



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