Lines We Love: DÔEN Collective

In this new series of Lines We Love, we're featuring clothing and accessory brands that make a positive impact on the fashion world: Companies that create beautiful wearables that make a real difference.

The abundance of cheap thrills and the obscurity of where our clothes really come from makes ethical shopping a challenge. Yet, the ability to seek out companies that have clear intentions and transparent sources is easier than ever. We all want to make the right choices, especially when it comes to buying clothes.

Let us introduce you to DÔEN: A women's collective started in 2015 by sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland. This line of Cali clothing is surreal and dreamy, elegant, beautiful, and hand-crafted, yet practical and wearable.

The most notable thing about DÔEN is their commitment to women – from conception to design, to manufacturing and then to consumer, the entire collective is committed to empowering women. Their mission states, "As veterans of the industry, we observed how atypical it is to see women at the helm of fashion brands—although women are largely the ones designing, purchasing, and wearing the clothing. our collective aims to improve that model. we support women in the workforce in all aspects of our organization, supply chain, and community. We use domestic production wherever possible, and carefully selected overseas manufactures for our intricate hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and knit pieces. Whether in California, India or Peru, our production partners share our commitment to support women in the workplace and understand our mission to decrease the gender gap at every point in the supply chain. At present, every overseas factory we work with has a female owner or co-owner."

To this we say a wholehearted YES. Beautiful garments created completely by and for women is a statement in itself. It helps that every garment they make is one we desire.  We're in love. So naturally, we had to talk to them. Read our short interview below.  

We are in love with your line. The clothing is so beautiful: Romantic, yet modern and wearable. Can you tell us the inspiration behind creating DÔEN?

Growing up in Santa Barbara, it was hard to not feel inspired by simple beauty. From the warm sandy beaches to the citrus-y breeze, we wanted to create a line that paid homage to this magical lifestyle. The true inspiration behind DÔEN however came with motherhood. We both felt the desire to embrace our femininity and build something we were proud of. DÔEN is a true culmination of our relationship as sisters, the transition to motherhood, and a desire to embrace and re-work natural style of the past.

Supporting women in fashion is a value held in all aspects of your line. Creating a mission and following it in every part of the stages of creation to end product is honourable and inspiring. How can other women emulate that process in their own business or lives?

We think it starts with just becoming more informed. Having both worked in fashion previously, we feel many women (and men) don't know where their clothes are being made, who is behind them, and what their mission (or lack there of) stands for. We are so lucky to be living in a time where information is abundant, and properly informing yourself about what you are purchasing and who/what is behind it is essential. Having standards and sticking to them.



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