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In her piece defending the use of botanicals in the world of synthetic perfumery, Alexandra Balahoutis says, “I loved the idea of weaving organic raw materials into beautiful compositions, collaborating only with master distillers who capture the mystery of reverently handled plants and flowers.”

Balahoutis's beautiful experiences of using only natural essences is made into the finest argument and no-doubt makes the most sense. Anyone well-versed in the ways of green beauty has taken to understand that it’s less about giving up elements of beauty and more about expanding them. 'Real' isn’t a throw-away word in our clean and green circle, it’s the truth.

If you’re a green beauty aficionado and you haven’t yet been introduced to the wonderful world of Lotus Wei, let us make the introduction: Lotus Wei is a wellness company created by Katie Hess that uses flower alchemy to expand life experiences. Subtle electric vibrations, triggered by floral essences, give us choice to find our desired transformations. Here you’ll find real scents, with real impact.

New to the lineup of elixirs, mists, serums and perfumes, come the anointing oils. Use the oils to observe a secret, sacred ceremony. Find for yourself a small, personal ritual that can bring about a sense of calm, love, or quiet. The anointing oils are about creating a sense of practice to refocus, recharge and exude love- whenever you need it.

A hybrid blend of perfume and spiritual blessing, the anointing oils are meant to last only a couple of hours as they don’t contain any chemical or synthetic fixatives or preservatives. Apply as needed.



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