Behind The Brand With Tammy Fender

We are so happy to have the Tammy Fender collection back in our shop. We love this luxurious, healing line of natural skincare products. In honour of our reconnection, we'd love to introduce you to the beautiful lady behind the line, Tammy Fender.


1/ We love your philosophy: "My philosophy centers on the recognition that all cells have a consciousness, and being that we are all made of energy and purity, so must we put the same into our body and onto our skin.” How did you come to this belief?
Holistic healing, which I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, is based in an understanding that true wellness is revealed through balance not only the physical level, but on the emotional and spiritual as well. Each formulation in my collection is blended to support healing in all these ways, bathing cells in purity and in nutrients, but also inspiring energetic vitality, the kind that rekindles inner radiance, which we all recognize as that unmistakable natural glow. By creating formulations that capture the Pure Living Energy of ancient botanical remedies, this depth of interconnection informs all we do.


2/ What was your journey to creating and launching your line of holistic beauty products?
I have a deep love and affinity for the plant kingdom, and over many years have studied botany, aromatherapy, traditional and holistic medicine, and chemistry. But when I began working as an aesthetician, I found that many of the products used by my clients actually contained potentially damaging ingredients. I began blending formulas of my own—at first in my kitchen, and later in the apothecary at my holistic treatment center. I wanted to offer my clients’s skin healing with luxury and integrity, and every blend in the collection reflects a devotion to purity, guided by a divine consciousness.

3/ Your line focuses on healing and sensitive skin, for example the Spontaneous Recovery Crème & Roman Chamomile Tonic. What is the number one thing you feel that impacts or creates sensitive skin?
Irritants severely impact sensitive skin, including the potential toxins found in some skincare products (petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic compounds), as well as environmental stressors. Skin is an eliminatory organ, and when it rejects what’s put onto it, the results are redness and irritation, and, in some cases, skin conditions can develop. All of my formulas are chemical-free. But some remedies, including Spontaneous Recovery Crème, which incorporates calming lavender, helichrysum, and matricaria, and Roman Chamomile Tonic, work especially well to soothe stressed skin, while reducing the signs of irritation.

4/ Can you tell us something surprising about yourself that most people likely don’t know?
I find handmade clothes, art, and jewelry irresistible. I love finding things made by local artisans when I travel, and I am always especially fond of the handcrafted and heart-full gifts made by the children at my daughter’s Waldorf school.

Thanks, Tammy!




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