Smoothie Bowls + 8 Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow

Spring is just around the corner, and we're feeling fresh! Time to kick start your day with a healthy, wholesome, refreshing, and very #blessed breakfast. We have a couple of tips on what makes a super smoothie bowl as well as our top 8 instagram accounts to follow for inventive takes on the whole bowl.

To bowl or not to bowl: 3 Steps to create the perfect smoothie bowl

1/ Reimagine The Possibilities
First get over your idea that a smoothie bowl is just your standard blend of fruit and veg eaten with a spoon, and understand that it’s all about the consistency of the blend, and the sweet, healthy, crunchy and perfectly placed toppings.


2/ Begin At The Base
Second, start with the bottom. You want your smoothie to have a smooth, thick consistency. Ideally not too much water or liquid, but the perfect ratio to get the blender moving. Frozen fruits work well, especially bananas or strawberries, but you can also use a fresh avocado to thicken, as well as coconut water instead of regular tap water. If you're not gluten intolerant, you can use oatmeal, and nut butters like almond work in a lot of recipes as well.


3/ Top It Off
Our third tip is the most fun, the toppings. This is where the bowl is elevated to a prettier and healthier version. Toppings should match what's in the smoothie, and can include sliced fruit like banana, kiwi, strawberry, whole fruit such as berries like raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries. Then, there are the extras: Bee pollen, hemp hearts, cacao nibs, edible flowers, coconut flakes – anything you find delicious and nutritious. 


As a final note, if you're a novice, read the recipes below and follow the Instagramers we love, reading their recipes to get a basic understanding of what goes with what. In general, green goes with green, chocolate with creamy, and fruity with fresh. But don't be afraid to try your own versions too. That's how you'll find out what you love.


Now that we've covered the basics, check out our favourite healthy (and healthy-ish) Instagramers to follow for their take. Read the recipes below and learn a thing or two to take your smoothie bowl from meh to YEAH!

(Recipes and instagram accounts in order across top then across bottom).


1/ @gatherandfeast
This yummy cacao recipe can be found right in her feed, as most of the smoothie recipes posted. Follow Gather and Feast for daily inspo and also, be sure to check out this gorgeous green smoothie bowl.


2/ @luisegreenkitchenstories
A queen Bee of green eating, with an art director husband, 2 healthy cookbooks, adorable kids, and an instagram that will make you swoon (or turn a tinge green with envy), try this beet smoothie for an pretty, yet earthy switch on your breakfast bowl.

3/ @loveandlemons
Mornings can be tough, but preparing this super delicious, filling and yummy chia breakfast bowl is anything but. We think you'll love this account too - be sure to check out the blog for super delish recipes and inspiring photography. Hello bowls on marble, you look great. 

4/ @detox_smoothies
Follow this one for the inspiring collection of bowls reposted from other instagramers – you'll likely find a bunch more glorious health lovers that can jam up your feed with crave-worthy morning treats. 

5/ @greenhousejuice
One of our Toronto favourites, Greenhouse Juice Co. rocks instagram with bright lighting, healthy and interesting concoctions, including this matcha chia pudding. Sure it was for St. Paddy's but it'll be good year round.

6/ @dollyandoatmeal
We couldn't resist adding this amazing recipe for sweet, decadent and healthy hot chocolate, so what if it's not quite a smoothie? But we do think it will work perfectly topped with organic cocoa powder and a sprinkling of dried rose petals and also suggest it as a make-ahead: Keep it in the fridge to cool and add it to a choco smoothie for extra flavour.


Simply an instagram account, without really specific recipes, we love this one for all the inspiration it gives us. Sometimes it's good to just do it on your own, you know?


8/ @cookrepublic
If there's one thing you do today, it's trying this recipe. Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Is it pretty awesome anytime of day? We think so. After you make this one, be sure to check out her smoothie 101 guide. It's a must for smoothie-newbies.




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