Looking Back and Moving Forward


This past year has been a crazy, beautiful whirlwind. Since launching our site in May we’ve experienced countless triumphs and growing pains. Through it all, we’ve come to the “aha” realization that our excitement and passion for what we do, which is “this big” (we’re holding out our arms as wide as we can), reigns supreme.


We look to 2014 with love and anticipation in our hearts and heads. We’re eager to roll out new plans, partnerships, surprises and ultimately, with your help, take this little company of ours to new heights.


Some highlights: 

*The Popup we held in collaboration with The Code and hosted by  Bernice Whelan Realty in Toronto was super successful. It allowed us to raise $900 for the Sick Kids foundation and meet many of our customers in the (soft, supple) flesh. 


*Working on the site (jokingly referred to as our second baby) with Tom, my husband and trusty Clementine Fields Partner, has been amazing. I feel profoundly proud of what we’ve accomplished and will warmly welcome the herbal tea, Patrick Watson fuelled late nights to come.

*Our first major press event. We collaborated with the amazing gals at Rock-it Promotions to host our coming out event (big shout-out to Deb and Christie). Editors and writers from magazines, newspapers and blogs braved the scorching heat of a Toronto summer day to meet and chat. It was a wonderful opportunity to let the press into the wonderful little world of products that we were so excited about. In the following weeks and months article after article sweetly touted Clementine FIelds as a place to visit.


*Working with the lines we carry has also been totally enriching. We use and love so many of them but we have been pleasantly surprised by how inspiring it was to start carrying the products of these tremendous trailblazers. We so admire their mission and the integrity with which they formulate each and item they introduce. They inspire us not to give up on our shared vision for a cleaner, greener future … even on the most challenging of days. 


*The help we’ve gotten from our small but mighty team has been invaluable. Erica Leibner, Writer Extraordinaire, Amanda Gall, Social Media Maven, Carla Gould, Marvelous Makeup Artist, Andrea Victory-La Casse, Fabulous Writer and Blogger and our two beautiful assistants, Amy Clare Lockwood and Adrienne Clark – we thank you for all you’ve done and look forward to an even more fulfilling, prosperous year to come.


*Most importantly, 2013 was the year we met and developed strong relationships with you – our loyal, beautiful-both-inside-and-out customers. Equipping you with the most effective and luxurious products we’ve yet to find (that help with everything from soothing rashes most to preventing acne) has been nothing short of an honour. 


Please know that our boutique is your boutique. Hearing about how our products and services have touched you has been one of our greatest joys. Keeping you happy and healthy is our number one priority. Keep the feedback a-coming so we can continue to evolve into exactly what you want us to be  


 On a more personal level…


*Friends and family supported us to the hilt. Their unwavering love is what kept us going when we felt discouraged and amplified our victories. 

*We discovered the necessity of scheduling family time. We worked hard to create our little family (we adopted our daughter Violet in 2010 in what could only be described as the perfect set of circumstances: a beautiful healthy baby, a wonderful birth family and timing (3 days after we got married!) that resulted in the most precious addition to our life.) That’s why leaving the computer closed and leaving the cell at home is something we’re happy to intermittently do. Finding balance between work and life hasn’t been easy, but I’m thrilled to report we’ve done it.

Please stay in touch in 2014. We love to know your thoughts, what you're loving or not loving and what you wish we were carrying.  Please email us or simply leave a comment.

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