Naturally Lovely Stocking Stuffers



Nothing says Christmas quite like stockings hung along the chimney wall. And while seeing them up there year after year is part of the pleasure, the real thrill lies in discovering the gorgeous little gifts they contain.

Make this year extra special by stocking up (pun intended) on Clementine Fields goodies. Sure to be enormously enjoyed by everyone from baby to grandpa. They contain nothing but the highest quality, natural ingredients, hand picked by Ingrid and made with love every step of the way.



*Roots Rose Radish - Beard Oil

For the rugged, masculine man in your life who wants to keep his facial hair long past DecemBEARD, this is the perfect pick. He’ll love the oil’s fresh, woody scent and how effectively the rosemary, sweet almond and jojoba conditions. And the best part? There’s something in it for you too: the product contains Australian sandalwood, which is a sedative and aphrodisiac. 



*Pai - Rosehip Collection: Intensive Nourishing Facial Set

The mini indulgence she so deserves. An extremely effective hydrating treatment she can reap the benefits of without leaving the comfort of your home. The properties in this oil and face mask work wonders to restore radiance and leave skin soft and silky smooth.



*Wei of Chocolate - Wei Gratitude

Let them know you appreciate all they do for you with this formidable dark chocolate, infused with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Benefits extend to more than just taste buds: the special organic herbs and flower essences help boost the immune system, calm and relieve stress.



*Graydon - The Cleanser

This is a no brainer. It’s well priced, made in Canada and will help keep oily skin in check. Even though they might roll their eyes, they’ll fast fall in love and gladly substitute their former cleanser in favor of this delicious natural alternative.



*Lotus Wei Pure Energy Mist

Mama & baby will both benefit from this uplifting and immune-boosting super product. Spray in and around your space when baby is crying … or when you are. Exactly what you need on challenging days; it’s as close to a “reset” button as you can. 



*Sólas Naturals - Lavender Fields Soy Candle

While these little candles may seem insignificant, they pack a real punch. Made of natural waxes and scented with delightful fragrance blends, they burn cleanly and completely for twenty-four hours, help restore calm and cleanse air. 


*Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Soap Trio

Soap that’s simple yet surprisingly divine. Doing double duty, argan, olive and shea oils moisturizes while course-ground rosemary exfoliates. The subtly fresh-from-the-garden scent is meant for women and men alike. 


*Mindfulness Duo – Graydon

Multi-tasking gems! The body oil is good for just about everything – massages, pushing back cuticles, strengthening hair and more. The Hand + Foot Relief cream moisturizes without leaving you greasy or slippery. Infused with pure essential oils like lavender and chamomile, they’ll also relax and revive.


*Nuworld Botanicals Multi-Nutritive Immune Boost Oil for Body, Bath, and Hair

A perfectly balanced synergy of essential oils including Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon, this concoction will help stave off sickness this season. It can be used on skin, scalp, hair, as a nourishing bath oil or instant sensory remedy. 


*Lulu Organics Hair Powder

Just the thing for when locks are a little limp or greasy, but you don’t have time to wash. This organic, TALC-FREE formula comes in three scents and will leave your hair smelling as fresh as a day one wash. 


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