Lulu Organics

Lulu Organics is a holistic beauty company, gaining cult status for their cheekily entitled hair powder "For Days of Unwash". An alternative to daily shampooing - just sprinkle in your hair and go! It leaves your hair looking shiny and fresh between washes. Their gorgeous vintage European packaging is enough to make you fall in love with their products. This NYC-based company is not only pretty and fun, they are dedicated to your well-being, making organic and natural alternatives to your favourite beauty necessities. 


 "Lulu Organics Hair Powder is brilliant! I carry a small, travel size of the powder in my purse at all times. To apply it, I sprinkle a dime-size amount into my palm, rub it between my hands, and rake it through my roots. I repeat as needed. The powder absorbs any excess oil and gives my hair a clean, fluffy, just washed look while adding volume. I prefer this natural powder to traditional sprays because it's lighter and I don't breathe in all the toxic chemicals.

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